Hey, welcome!

It’s so good to see you here…

It’s so good to see you here…

Life gets busy there’s just not enough hours in the day…

There’s work, house work, family time, school run, sports 2 – 3 days a week…
And let’s not forget the most important ‘You Time’!

As life gets busier and busier we start to loose track of the small things and the most important things or more so we run out of hours in the day.
You start to feel run down, depressed and at times guilty especially us Mums, for not spending enough quality time with the most important person/people in our life, our kids.

We can learn so much from our kids if we took the time to stop and listen. We as adults loose our innocence, we loose the way our kids see things and because life gets so busy unfortunately our kids are starting to suffer, they are loosing their innocence and having to grow up so much earlier than kids used to.

“We need to nurture that innocence again in our kids, let them know it’s okay to make mistakes and not know everything and to help them understand their feelings + express themselves openly and comfortably without being rushed or not being really listened to”

I find at times

that we don’t actually stop and listen to our kids properly, we have so many things that we are trying to do at once that we can’t focus properly on any one thing.

We as adults need to reconnect with our inner child, that innocence we once had, the way as a child you look at the world with such curiosity and an open mind, imagination, honesty, fun and well less busy.

Its not easy and it wont be an over night change, it’s a lifestyle change and that’s not simple. We are all so set in our ways and it is hard to change that when it’s something that you have always done. But with time, the right support, the right steps and patience it will happen.

So wether you are feeling stressed, tired, run down, depressed, just looking for advice and like- minded people to talk to. Or if you are looking to give your life a Holistic reboot I am here to guide + support you on your journey.

So, how can we help you?

to free you mind , body + spirit

Benefit one

Open your mind and feel more free.

Learn to let go of your emotions rather than let them control you.

Through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journalling, 1:1 coaching, massage, aromatherapy + chatting.

Benefit Two

Cleanse your body with a holistic approach to food + exercise through workshops, parties, facebook group, challenges + blogs.

Yoga classes for stress, sleep + endometriosis

Massage, Herbal teas, Aromatherapy

Benefit Three

Let’s reconnect with our inner child.

I have created a special club for those young ones in your life.

The Holistic Munchkins Club – coming soon

Through classes, workshops, challenges + the club you can help nourish the innocence within while teaching them techniques such as mindfulness to help them in life.

The Holistic Shack Tribe

This is a starting point if you are unsure about a Holistic Lifestyle + want to get a better understanding of it.

  • Free membership to my Facebook group where I will cover a variety of Holistic Wellness topics giving you a brief insight and more of an understanding to the nature of a Holistic Lifestyle.
  • You will have access to weekly worksheets + activities
  • Access to free challenges
  • Weekly check-in’s + updates
  • Daily motivational post’s
  • 7 day support through Facebook
  • Offers for other programs + workshops

Holistic Munchkins

This option is a special one, it’s for those special little people in our lives that make everything worth it.

For these little munchkins + of course you lovely adults I will be offering:

    • Membership to the Holistic Munchkins Facebook group
    • Little challenges + activities for the munchkins
    • Advice for parents
    • Access + offers for workshops + events
    • Discounts for my online shop
    • Support from a tribe of like minded people

(Workshops + Programs – Accessory packs will be available at an additional small cost)

    • Cooking with Kids – each workshop will be based on the season 
    • Essential Oils + Kids – How to use them safely + ways to use them
    • Holiday workshops – think of these as a little ‘you time’ while I provide the entertainment
    • Kids mindfulness – Yoga, Meditation + Journaling

12 Month Holistic Munchkins Wellness program 


  • Daily advice + check-ins
  • 7 day support via Facebook – please feel free to send any concerns via messenger anytime and I will do my best to respond A.S.A.P
  • Includes initial 1:1 chat just to see if there is a specific area you would like to focus on
  • A 12 month wellness journal for each Munchkin filled with lots of activities + prompts
  • A wellness Journal for you to help track your little ones process + activities {this will help to gain insight to what suits and what doesn’t, their likes and dislikes as we are all different and something that works one person doesn’t always work for the other.
  • A different wellness topic each month with a workbook posted in the Facebook group

+ of course just to be a downer a monthly check in to see how things have been going and how you are going with the courses and your workbook.

Holistic Fresh Start

This is for everyone in any stage of life wanting to embrace the Holistic Lifestyle. 

1:1 chat – Getting to know you $45

This is a 60 min chat via phone, Facebook or in person (can be at a park while the kids play) During this chat we will discuss the variety of actions that one can take to embrace a Holistic Life. We can work out a tailored program to suit you or you can choose one of the packages or short courses I have available. You will also get with the 1:1 chat:

    • Free membership to the Holistic Fresh Start Facebook group.
    • Advice
    • Access to free challenges
    • Weekly check-in’s + updates
    • Daily motivational post’s
    • 7 day support through Facebook
    • Offers for other programs + workshops
    • Access + discounts at my online marketplace

Workshops, Packages + Programs – All package prices will be discussed @ our initial chat or I can send you details before hand to give you an idea.


    • Mindfulness – Yoga, Meditation + Journaling
    • Essential Oils
    • Herbal Teas
    • Herbal treatments
    • Massage
    • Fresh Start + Clean Eating

You can choose to try just one package at a time or combined two or more!


Enter your details in the form below, and we will be in touch with more information. 

On a quick note I’d like to kindly say I’m not a Dr so any advice + support that I offer is that, it does not replace any medications or treatments your Dr has you on. While herbal supplements are safe you are advised to always speak to your Dr before we commence any Herbal Treatments.

Jules xx

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