Hey Beautiful Peeps

My name is Julie

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys Aidan 11 + Rylan 7.

My name is Julie, I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys Aidan 11 + Rylan 7, I am extremely passionate about living and embracing a more natural way of life and of course anything to do with Kids {especially boys}. And I absolutely love what I call ‘fun music’ you know the kind of music that no matter what mood your in it will always pick you up no matter what era or style it picks you up…. that music, love it.

“Embrace the Wicca within”
{This is my new motto}

I am a qualified Herbalist, Yoga + Meditation leader (kids + adults), I’m a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with 9 years experience in a preschool setting and I have my certificate 3 in Business Administration with 20+ years experience in Administration/Reception/Personal assistant.

I have a strong passion and knowledge for natural remedies that mother earth provides such as Herbal remedies, homemade herbal/floral bath, body + home products, herbal + floral teas and Essential oils {these have many benefits that we aren’t always aware of – it’s just a nice smell for some}.

So why the Holistic Shack…

The quick version I know how it feels to struggle, what it’s like to feel alone but yet you can be surrounded by people, to not fit in or feel like you belong, to not have the confidence to speak up, voice your opinion or join in a conversation even though you have knowledge on the topic of discussion, to doubt yourself – every choice you make and constantly worrying about the future and what’s going to go wrong today and constantly being expected to always be okay…
I have been and still am a sufferer from Depression + Anxiety {Social, Agoraphobia + Panic attacks}, Over the last 3 – 4 years I have become much worse to the point where I haven’t been able t function + have needed help with simple little everyday task’s like getting dressed, getting the kids ready for school and getting them there, just the normal everyday routine stuff and I’ve found that medications are only making me worse {not eating, not sleeping and all the wrong emotions switched off}.

“There has to be another way…right?”

Hell yes!

And that is how ‘The Holistic Shack’ came about.

It is a tribe of  Like – minded people with a passion or interest in a more Holistic approach to life to help improve their Mental, Emotional + Physical Wellbeing.

My Story

Growing up wasn’t all bad but honestly to me my childhood and teenage years and even my adult years well they haven’t been the greatest, I just know that there are others out there that aren’t as lucky as me, they don’t have a roof over their head or they live in war zones, some are suffering from cancer or some other horrible disease, I know that people are going through much worse out there.

I was once told….

“It doesn’t matter how big or small what your going through may be and even though yes there are people out there suffering more it doesn’t make what you’re feeling any less important” -{Deb – my old work manager + a very strong woman}

That is true; even two people suffering from the same condition will deal with it differently as it won’t be the same for them. Our bodies, the chemicals in our brains while yes all made up consisting of well the same stuff we respond differently – Mean come on how boring would life be if we all ‘looked, talked, ate, dressed and felt the same?

{Fear has always been my biggest set back [more so FEAR of the future] but fear can be your friend, fear is there to save our lives you just have to learn how to control that fear and not let it control you} “Yea I know easier said than done”

I have never truly felt like I belonged ‘always the black sheep’ that’s how I’ve always felt, I don’t hate or blame anyone for it unfortunately that is just life, and does it suck “Yes, big time”.

‘Witchcraft’ not a term you really hear a lot and it really wasn’t ever truly accepted or even tolerated, it has always had a bad reputation and has been frowned upon since way back when, as people have feared it.

“We fear what is different and what we can’t explain”

I have always been drawn to it

however just never really admitted it or I guess you could truly accepted it within myself. That is until now and I have my partner Chris to thank for that acceptance within myself.
In 2016 Chris introduced me to the world of ‘Bush Doofs. They are amazing, the people, the atmosphere, you can be yourself and there is no judgement (the only judgement you get is from yourself for someone like me who is extremely self conscious).
This world has really opened my eyes and showed me how to start accepting things within myself such as my interest + passion for ‘Witchcraft’, I now look at it as a way of life ‘The Holistic’ approach. Mother nature has so much to offer and slowly the world is starting to catch up and realise the benefits, the ‘magic’ Mother Nature has to offer us for a variety of purposes, not just to heal.
When I stop and think about it now ‘Witchcraft’ is basically Herbalism, Naturopath, Essential oils and Meditation plus more all come together as one to


I have always hated myself,

never had confidence, always felt lost, always trying to fit in and walking on egg shells to make everyone else happy to make sure they are getting what they want, In doing this I have lost myself.
I am and always will be truly grateful to Chris for helping me to discover my passion and to start figuring me out.

Its now 2020 and unfortunately our relationship has kinda hit rock bottom and I have found myself hitting breaking point again. But in the end what we have and the way we feel about each other is worth fighting for and worth making that effort to try do whatever it takes to sort things out. Chris is the one person I can truly say I want to share my life with, I really couldn’t imagine my life without him, we are truly good together (and no that’s not just me saying that) friends and family have said it and yes we do both know it, it’s just finding that middle ground.
With all the stress in everyday life sometimes it can be hard to remember the good especially when it is just one thing after another…but life isn’t easy and you have to make the most of it and what you have.

“Even the most patient of people can only tolerate so much before they break”

In April 2019, I started working as a full-time receptionist for Caruso’s Natural Health, I wasn’t truly ready and didn’t really want full-time but you have to do what you have to do to survive (financially) and it was by far the best work environment, yes I had a couple of ups and downs while there but it was always an easy fix, the staff there were all so welcoming, compassionate, understanding and down to earth. Frank Caruso is someone who has made a big impact on my life and he is also someone I have to thank for helping me to find my way I guess. Frank is the most generous man and an extremely generous boss, you could not ask for a more supportive boss. Frank goes above and beyond for his family, friends, staff, customers and strangers (working on phones in a crisis centre). He is someone who I will always admire; his life and work values are something I wish to show in my life and as a Holistic Wellness Coach.

Unfortunately the demands of being a mum of 2 active boys and one whom suffers from social + separation anxiety and requires speech therapy, my dad is extremely unwell and I was trying to be there for him as much as possible and the last 3 years unfortunately Chris family just can’t catch a break and have had a lot of bad news and a lot of moving to do. It all just got too much and I ended up having an emotional break and in Feb 2020 I had to leave.

But hey it’s not all bad, yes unfortunately I gave up a great opportunity working with a great wellness brand and it’s been hard keeping the couple of close connections I made in the short time I was there {Mel + Jen} due to my agoraphobia (have trouble leaving the house). Mel can always seem to put a smile on your face, always so bubbly and Jen she is such a strong woman, they are both truly beautiful people.

Despite everything that I have dealt with and been through from childhood till now has made me the person I am today.
I am kind, compassionate, honest, understanding, empathetic, patient, accepting and reasonable. And yes I am shy and with-held at times until I’m comfortable and feel safe to be me, I can be stubborn especially when I am passionate about something, I like to be prepared and make to-do list’s, I can be emotional, I will willing help others but I also will stop if they show no respect, I believe in fair, right and wrong and will stand up and voice my opinion but I also generally cave pretty easy cause I don’t like conflict at all and I also start doubting myself especially when to many opinions are given.

“I am who I am today as well thanks to my parents for teaching me to be independent”
{I just wish I could find that strength again within myself}

My therapist has been helping me to get through that doubt of myself and I find that talking things through with someone on the outside who will take the time to listen to you and to help you sort out your own thoughts even if they say “yes you could have handled that differently” they say it in a way that isn’t hurtful its still in an understanding way {but you have to be honest}. I have found thanks to my therapist that writing your thoughts down as they come into your head (especially the negative ones) helps, she also suggested that I write them down but then write down a more positive way to look at it or a more positive thought. I tend to keep the positive ones but burn the negative as a way to let go and cleanse my thoughts and emotions.

This journey that I am taking as a Holistic Wellness Coach and The Holistic Shack has given me a real positive outlook on my future and I am starting to find my real confidence. This journey has been made truly possible thanks to the lovely family at Business Jump, they have truly captured my vision for The Holistic Shack, they are just awesome, I would be completely lost going into this journey without them, so glad I saw their Facebook post regarding their opportunities it was meant to be, the perfect timing.

Staying mindful in everyday life towards yourself + others and staying in the present can both be very useful tools for helping to deal with most situations that arise…most

We all have different ways of dealing with things and we put different values on different things but that doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, just different and that is where true acceptance comes in to play and mindfulness towards yourself and others.

“Communication, trust, acceptance, understanding, patience, honesty and respect are the keys to any relationship”

I am here to guide + support you through your Holistic {Mind~Body~Spirit} Reset.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you…

Yours in health + happiness,

Jules xx

Wellness Advocate

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